Since October 2017, Ooms Producten has been a member of Eurobitume (the European Association of Bitumen Producers)

22 December 2017

Eurobitume, established in 1969, is the unique voice of the bitumen industry in Europe, promoting the efficient, effective and safe use of refined bitumen in road, industrial and building applications.


As Ooms Producten, PMB-producer, we want to secure the future of the bitumen industry by means of the application of high quality asphalt products. We do this via a scientific approach with advanced production and (laboratory) characterization techniques. 
We are convinced that we can do this more efficiently being part of the Eurobitume Organization. On the other hand, Eurobitume can also benefit from our innovative approach; for example the development of durable asphalt surfaces with a low rolling resistance, in order to reduce fuel consumption.

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