Corporate Social Responsibility

Ooms produces and supplies several innovative asphalt products: Sealoflex®, a polymer modified bitumen and GlasGrid®, an asphalt reinforcement.

Sealoflex® and GlasGrid® are high quality products for applications in asphalt pavements. These products are applied globally. Ooms has developed a network of subsidiaries, joint-ventures, licensee holders, representatives and distributors, through which we can supply almost any local market.

We have forty years of experience in supplying reliable and quality products to international markets. By expanding our network of distribution points and logistic partners, we plan to supply even more sufficiently, in the upcoming years.


Our products are developed for the construction of durable and high quality asphalt pavements.
It has been identified that pavements with our products reduce required government budgets. Similarly the required CO2 discharge, carbon footprint, can be reduced using our products in the pavements.

We are constantly working on product development, this in close cooperation with the Research & Development department. Within two years we want to lower the production temperature and time, which will reduce the discharge of CO2 even more. Our plants are fitted with the newest techniques to save energy and produce less emission.

Through our network of companies, licensee holders and distributors all over the world; the transport distance of our products can be limited as much as possible. We offer mobile plants to our customers as to keep the transport costs as low as possible. We preferably choose suppliers of raw materials near our plants.


Staff is one of the most important assets of Ooms. Ooms has talented, reliable and experienced personnel. To keep the employees involved in the organization they are being motivated by personal development. There are annual job evaluations with all employees where personal development plans are set up, which are evaluated and re-adjusted when needed. We are striving, by frequent and open consultation, to work together in good harmony with all our employees.

In addition to the above, we are keen on restricting the inconvenience for the environment. The safety and health of our employees are constantly monitored by means of risks inventory and evaluation as well as taking safety measures, such as personnel protective equipment.