Ooms has been one of the pathfinders in polymer modified bitumen since the 1970s. We export our products and services for the construction and maintenance of roads, airports and industrial pavements worldwide. Our main product lines are Sealoflex® polymer modified bitumen, asphalt reinforcement and coloured asphalt. Quality, durability and life cycle concerns underlie our innovations. This means that our products need very little maintenance, last longer, are cost effective and are suitable for recycling at the end of their lives.

SEAL-O-MAT is a process technology by which polymer bitumen is produced.

Sealoflex®, Sealofill® and Sealoflex® SC-4 (the main component of GridSeal®) are cost-effectively and efficiently produced according to the SEAL-O-MAT technology. The SEAL-O-MAT technology forms the basis of the process by which these special and high-grade bitumen products are produced. The base raw materials (ingredients), additives, curing times, temperatures, type of mixer and the settings of the blender are here the crucial factors.

The focus is the supply of products having the highest value for the end user (road authorities and society). Basically, the appropriate quality (properties) for a reasonable price. This distinguishes the Sealoflex® product range from standard (conventional) polymer bitumen. The client is also essentially relieves here by a high technical level of service (supervision) in the practical use.

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