Asphalt reinforcement

The ability of asphalt to withstand tensile stresses is limited. When existing asphalt or concrete pavements are overlaid with new asphalt, cracks and joints will penetrate through the new asphalt layer very quickly. This usually results in fast deterioration of the pavement, particularly in areas where water can penetrate the pavement structure. By applying reinforcement, the tensile stresses are reduced and reflective cracking is delayed or even prevented. Surface cracking, caused by frost heave for example, can also be treated with asphalt reinforcement.


Extensive research and long-term field experience have produced a number of requirements for effective reinforcement products:

  • High tensile strength
  • High stiffness EVA even under tensile creep conditions
  • No damage to the product by installing and overlaying with hot mix asphalt
  • A good bond between the new overlay, the reinforcement and the old pavement
  • The reinforcement should remain flat during the whole construction process
  • Low coefficient of thermal contraction

Other important requirements are fast and easy application of the reinforcement and easy removal, if required.

How you can recognise it

GlasGrid® is an exceptionally strong reinforcing material, specially designed for pavements. It consists of glass fibre strands arranged in a grid structure, covered with a polymer coating and pressure-sensitive adhesive. There is no loss of strength at paving temperatures and no damage during handling and paving operations.

Where you can use it

GlasGrid® can be applied on all asphalt and concrete pavements which have cracked due to thermal stresses and fatigue. It can also be used on cracks caused by uneven settlement, on joints in concrete pavements and for road widening. Due to the high tensile strength and excellent adhesion to the asphalt layer, GlasGrid® not only controls crack growth, but also increases the load bearing capacity of the pavement structure.

One innovation is to use GlasGrid® in different asphalt layers on top of each other, e.g. in jointless/silent transitions on bridges or above expansion joints in concrete pavements. Special design support is available.

Asphalt reinforcem foto glasgrid1