CompoGrid™ is a composite of GlasGrid® and a non-woven paving fabric. Due to its special characteristics, CompoGrid™ is ideal for use on ‘hard’ surfaces. Before overlaying with asphalt, CompoGrid™ is saturated with polymer modified bitumen or bituminous emulsion. CompoGrid™ can thus be used as a pavement reinforcement and moisture barrier system.

Where you can use it

  • CompoGrid™ is used in places where a watertight seal of the underlying pavement structure is required and on uneven bases, such as milled surfaces
  • CompoGrid™ is also the best alternative where concrete pavements are overlaid with asphalt and where it is not possible to lay an asphalt-levelling course before applying the asphalt reinforcement. In this case, the foil protects the asphalt reinforcement against excess tension above the expansion joints


  • CompoGrid™ acts as a protective layer between the milled surface and the glass fibre reinforcement, reducing the chance of damage
  • Function of watertight seal
  • The membrane acts as a protective layer between the undersoil and glass fibre reinforcement

CompoGrid foto CG - tractor detail (2)
CompoGrid foto CG 100 detail (1)