GlasGrid® is a high strength, open fibre glass geogrid custom knitted in a stable construction and coated with a patent pending elastomeric polymer and self-adhesive glue. Every component of the matrix is stabilised against ultraviolet degradation and inert to chemicals normally found in a natural soil environment.


  • Innovative design turns crack stresses horizontally and dissipates stress
  • Postpones complete reconstruction
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Open aperture promotes aggregate interlock between paving courses, greatly reducing shear potential common with paving fabrics
  • High stiffness, high modulus of elasticity, low elongation
  • Effective bonding with patented adhesive backing
  • Ease of constructability allows for installation and immediate placement of overlaying pavement
  • Recyclable and environmentally friendly

Where you can use it

  • Airport runways and aprons
  • Rigid high volume roads
  • Flexible high volume roads
  • Low volume roads
  • Parking areas

GlasGrid foto GG 8501 detail


GlasGrid foto GG 8501 full-length