GlasPave™ is a reinforced paving mat that creates a strong, effective, moisture-resistant membrane at a fraction of the cost of other, more expensive combination grids. It is ideal for parking areas, low- and high-volume roads, and airport runways and aprons. It is a geosynthetic material made from high-tensile, high-modulus fiberglass yarns that reduce the potential for thermal and stress-related cracks reflecting through to the surface of a new asphalt overlay.


  • Maximum tensile strength for delayed reflective cracking
  • Effective water resistance with a thinner concrete overlay
  • Impervious to extreme temperatures
  • Easy installation, saving time and money. A thinner profile means more product per roll
  • No creep for reliable, long-term performance, formaldehyde free for environmentally friendly application
  • Easily recycled; available in custom strengths and sizes to match your design requirements

Where you can use it  

  • Airport runways and aprons
  • Rigid, high volume roads
  • Flexible, high volume roads
  • Low volume roads
  • Parking areas
glaspave 1

GlasPave™ can be supplied in two different types, the 25 and 50.

GlasPave™ 25 and 50 are unique fibre glass scrims embedded into high performance polyester matting. The result is an engineered reinforced paving mat that allows for quick wet out and strong bond with a variety of tack coats. It requires less bitumen to create an effective, strong, moisture resistant membrane, reducing system costs and minimising carbon footprint.

Glaspave 2
glaspave 3

GlasPave™ 25 and 50 features substantially higher tensile strength at lower elongations than typical paving fabrics constructed from polyester or polypropylene. This higher tensile strength allows GlasPave™ 25 and 50 to aggressively combat reflective cracking.

Designed for use in a wide range of pavements, including high temperature environments,
a. GlasPave™ 25 is available in two widths – 1,905 m (75”) and
3,81 m (150”) – and two  roll lengths – 228 m (249,3 yds) and 110 m (120,3 yds).

b. GlasPave™ 50 is available in two widths – 1,905 m (75”) and
3,81 m (150”) – and two  roll lengths – 110 m (120.3 yds) and 66 m (72,2 yds).

GlasPave™ 25 and 50 are also available in alternative lengths.

glaspave 4

GP 25 detail
GP 50 detail