Asphalt Pigments

In partnership with Ventraco Chemie BV, Ooms markets and supplies premium pigments for coloured asphalt applications. The pigments are specifically designed for application in asphalt mixes. All products are based on durable lightfast pigments with a high colouring strength. The pigments are available as powders branded as Ferroxon and an in-house developed pellet pigment branded ColorFalt®.


Ferroxon® powder pigments are mineral pigments for the roadbuilding industry. 


The ColorFalt® pigment pellet has been specifically designed to reduce problems associated with dust and debris at hot mix asphalt plants. The product is a pigment bound with a low melt EVA carrier. The main advantage is the easy dosage even when done manually, as well as better stability during storage. The EVA in the carrier adds to the mechanical strength of the asphalt mix. Since its introduction, thousands of tons of coloured asphalts have been produced using the ColorFalt® pigment pellets.

What colour do you want?

Ferroxon and ColorFalt® pigments are available as standard in the following colours: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and White.

Bulk deliveries, big bags and 25kg low melting PE bags.

The unique set up and production facility of Ventraco Chemie BV makes it possible to supply custom-made pigments. We challenge you to come with your specific colour request and we will match the solution.

Asphalt pigment foto
Asphalt pigments foto big bags
Asphalt pigments foto red-green aggregate