Under the trade name Sealoflex®, Ooms offers a complete range of polymer-modified bitumen (PMB) for the production of asphalt. Sealoflex® strengthens the asphalt to such an extent that service life nearly doubles, even with heavy use. Sealoflex® can save you significant expense by reducing early replacement, maintenance and repairs.

Your choice

Sealoflex® is available in numerous product variants. Your choice is determined by the conditions that apply to you, such as the quality of the local bitumen or climate type. We can respond to the specific requirements of different types of road, traffic conditions and climates. Sealoflex® can be adjusted to withstand extreme temperature differences between day and night that are typical of countries around the equator, whereas Sealoflex® even can survive the extreme conditions around the Arctic Circle.

Constant quality

Sealoflex® was developed in Ooms own Research & Development centre and tested in cooperation with asphalt producers and clients. Years of experience in bitumen and modern production techniques, combined with high quality raw materials, means that Sealoflex® is synonymous with consistent high quality. Sealoflex® from Ooms has earned its global reputation. Sealoflex® is manufactured in both the Netherlands and, under license, in an increasing number of other countries.

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