Sealoflex® PMB for clear binders

Asphalt also can be delivered in different colours, such as red, green, blue, white and yellow. Coloured asphalt is a product consisting of clear binders, colour pigment and mineral aggregate. By optimal selection of the applied materials it is possible to produce a coloured coating for use on foot paths and cycle paths, as well as for heavy duty industrial pavements and speed bumps. Coloured asphalt can be produced to add enough pigment to current (black) asphalt. A disadvantage of this is that a large amount of pigment has to be used to obtain a more coloured tint.

The colour of the bitumen however plays an important role for the end product coloured asphalt. With so-called clear binders a much better colour effect can been obtained.
By adding a little amount of pigment a clear colour arises. Ooms supplies clear binders in two different types:

Sealoflex® Color and BituColor are synthetic clear binders for asphalt application.Clear binder can be used to accentuate the natural colour of the pavement aggregates or, in combination with pigments, create asphalt surfaces with a strong and intense colour.

Coloured asphalt is an excellent choice for pavements which need that extra bit of attention or attractiveness.

Product range :

Sealoflex® Color is the polymer modified grade for heavy duty and hot climate application, available in penetration 70/100 and other grades.

BituColor is the standard grade, available in penetration 70/100 or other grades upon request.

Suggested applications are as follows:

  • Bicycle and footpaths
  • Town squares
  • Speed bumps
  • Parking lots
  • Bus lanes
  • Playgrounds
  • Recreation areas
  • Slip roads

With optimal selection of the applied materials is it possible to produce a solution in almost any thinkable colour


  • Easy manufacturing and application
  • Durable and similar mechanical resistance
  • Colour homogeneity
  • Increased ride comfort
  • Wide range of colour options
  • Variety of Landscaping possibilities
  • Improved safety benefits
  • Energy savings in tunnels and dark areas
  • Easy to maintain and repair
  • Cost effective and durable

Supply and delivery
Clear binder is supplied in approx. 200 liter steel drums, 20 ft ISO tank containers or bulk in tank trucks.


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Sflex clear binder foto colored asphalt blocks