Sealoflex® PMB membranes and coats

Ooms offers two product groups: Sealoflex® PMB for membranes (Stress absorbing membrane interlayers (SAMI) and waterproof membranes for concrete structures) and Sealoflex® PMB for bond coats (Asphalt bond coats and bond coats for glass fibre reinforcement called GridSeal®).

Sealoflex® PMB for membranes is available in two categories:

  • Stress absorbing membrane interlayer (SAMI)

A SAMI constructed with Sealoflex® SC reduces or prevents the reflection of cracks and joints into a new asphalt overlay and ensures waterproof protection of the underlying pavement for a significant period of time.

Before applying a new asphalt layer, 2.0 to 3.0 kg/m2 or Sealoflex® SC is sprayed on the surface that has to be treated. The quantity required depends on the severity and the size of the cracks, the type and thickness of the asphalt overlay, the traffic intensity and the climate conditions. Crushed aggregate is spread over the treated surface so that only 50% of the surface is covered, thus ensuring that construction traffic can pass over the surface without sticking to the SAMI.

  • Waterproof membranes for concrete structures

Sealoflex® SC-6 is a modified bitumen with a high polymer content. It has been specially developed for waterproofing concrete structures such as bridges, viaducts and tunnels which are to be overlaid with asphalt. It can be applied on newly constructed as well as existing structure at a rate of 2.5 to 3.0 kg/m2.

Before applying Sealoflex® SC-6, a special primer has to be used, but thereafter the application procedure is the same as for a SAMI.

Sflex membranes foto sami#2