Sealoflex® PMB for emulsions

From our production facility in Schagen, the Netherlands, we are supplying premium quality bitumen emulsion for tack coats, prime coats, surface dressings and sprayed membranes. We are also supplying Sealoflex® SFB-EM polymer modified binder. This is a dedicated designed binder for emulsions and can be used in your own emulsion plant. Emulsions made with EM binders offer high flexibility and recovery.

Ooms supplies the following two types of Sealoflex® PMB for emulsions:

Emutop emulsions


  • Economically attractive 
  • Durable protection of the surface 
  • Easy and quickly implementation

Choose your product

  • Emutop A Rapid setting cationic emulsions for tack coats
  • Emutop B Rapid setting cationic emulsions for surface dressings

Emuflex emulsions


  • Excellent adhesion 
  • High flexibility at low temperatures, high resistance to temperature fluctuations 
  • High resistance to fatigue and mechanic loads

Your product

  • Emuflex-N Rapid setting polymer modified emulsion for use in high quality tack coats and membranes.
  • Emuflex-F Rapid setting polymer modified emulsion for use in high quality surface dressings / chip seals.

Emuflex-N and Emuflex-F be supplied in bulk or steel drums of aprrox. 200 liter.


Sflex emulsions foto spraying