Sealoflex® PMB for sealants

Cracks are a serious threat to pavement structures as they allow water to penetrate the base structure. It is therefore essential to treat cracks with appropriate fillers/sealants. Under the brand name Sealofill®, hot applied polymer modified bitumen is produced for crack filling and sealing asphalt and concrete pavements. The Sealofill® product has high elasticity, ductility and perfect bond within a wide temperature range. Sealofill® complies with the relevant ASTM standards for crack filler/sealants. Ooms supplies Sealofill® B.

Sealofill® B

  • Sealofill® B
    Sealofill® B is used to seal wide cracks, joints and routed cracks in asphalt and concrete pavements, with a minimum width of 15 mm. Sealofill® B is suitable for use in climates with both cold as well as hot temperatures

Delivery: fast and safe

Sealants can be supplied in boxes of 23 kg, in tankers and containers or directly from our bitumen plants.

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