Cold Mix Applications

UPM® cold mix has the unique property of being workable under all temperatures and weather conditions. UPM® is manufactured in different grades which are suited to the climate conditions experienced during the various seasons of the year. The viscosity of the mix adapts to the average temperature of the local summer or winter. This guarantees the easy application and makes it possible to apply UPM® in hot summer conditions as well as in severe winter conditions.


Because of its excellent adhesive properties, even potholes containing water can be repaired with UPM®, without having to remove the water – known as the throw-and-roll procedure.Long-term field performance studies in the United States (SHRP H-106 project) showed that UPM® repairs are permanent and outperform the life of the adjacent surfacing.

Easy to use

  • Sweep out all dust and debris
  • Remove loose pavement material. Patch only on a solid base layer
  • For patches deeper than 50 mm apply and compact UPM® in different steps
  • Apply UPM® and level off 25% higher than the patch depth
  • Compact thoroughly (via steel roller or truck tires)
  • Dust patch with sand

Delivery: fast and safe

UPM® can be delivered both in bulk as well as in easy to use 25 kg bags. The shelf life is 1 to 2 years.

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