Production plants

Production method to guarantee the highest quality, Sealoflex® is only manufactured in dedicated bitumen modification plants according to strictly laid down procedures, and supplied as homogenous material according to precise specifications. The raw materials, which consist of polymers and additives are mixed with locally available bitumen to form the final product which is in accordance with the agreed specification. Technical supervision during the production and processing of Sealoflex® asphalt mixtures is available. Ooms is able to deliver Sealoflex® processing plants, which are used for the production of Sealoflex®. Beside this, Ooms is also able to deliver mobile Sealoflex® plants. This plant can be installed at the location of the project. Because of the standardization 40ft containers, the plants are easily removable.

Licensee holder

Ooms services a large part of the global market through licensed partners in places like the United States, China, Mexico, Africa, Japan, India, Europe and the Middle East.

We are always searching for new licensee holders worldwide to provide them our unique additives and technical support, needed to produce polymer modified bitumen using the process we developed in-house. Licensees of Ooms make use of our in-house developed process, which contains unique additives and technical support, which is needed to produce polymer modified bitumen.

For more information concerning Sealoflex® plants, please contact the head office of Ooms PMB or Ooms Producten Europe.